Online Dating

Writing Ads

When placing an ad, your chosen online dating service will require you to provide a profile of yourself. This will includes details of your name, age, hobbies, body type, sexuality preferences, your likes, and dislikes, and details about what you want in your dating partner.

It is advised that you only write and provide the kind of ad that you would reply yourself.

Some online dating service will have the option for you to up load a photo of yourself. It is only an option, so feel obligated that you have to put a photo. If you are not a good writer, then it is highly recommended that you do upload your photo because a photo means more then 1000 words. When you take a photo make sure it is a decent photo which shows your face without over exposing your body.

When writing your ad it is important to be honest, realistic, and straight-forward. Finally, when you are finish, don’t forget to proof read and spell check your work.

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